Moroccan Styling

Moroccan brides and Moroccan princess parties

Looking for something different for your wedding or henna party? We have the perfect service for you. How about you enter your party or wedding in a traditional Moroccan style.

We have amariat (Moroccan wedding carriage) in beautiful authentic styles. The amaria ( also known as dholi / doli) will be carried by four men or women in traditional Moroccan clothes. They will carry the bride from the entrance of the venue to the stage. We provide you a matching wedding couch on stage in Moroccan style Moroccan jewelryas well.

The brides can indulge in our traditional Moroccan bride service as well. Which is called a negafa (negaffa) service. Our negafa will assist you in the whole procedure. She will help you wear your traditional Moroccan wedding kaftan or takshita (takchita, two layered dress). The brides will be decorated with a lot of unique jewellery. Make-up and hair will be styled in a Arabic style.

But hold on. We don’t have this service only for bride but also for young girls. Girls love to be the center of attention of their party. They will get the same services at the bride and will feel like a real Moroccan princess for a day.

The Moroccan styling package for brides includes the following:
– bridal make-up, full make-up
– hair styling
– jewellery in Moroccan style
– amaria / dholi, including carriers dressed in Moroccan clothes
– Moroccan wedding couch
– optional is the Moroccan dress

For the girls and the Moroccan styling we provide the following:
– soft make-up
– hair styling
– jewellery
– amaria / dholi, including carriers dressed in Moroccan clothes
– optional is the Moroccan traditional dress

Book this unique service now. We are based in Dubai but we work all other the United Arab Emirates and the Golf countires.

Moroccan Styling