Outdoor events

The sun is shining

The weather is sweet

When the weather is sweet in Dubai it means the weather cooled down. Hot 50+ degrees summer made room for a cool 20-25 degrees winter. During winter time everybody is enjoying the terraces and the outdoors. In the events it means…. time for some outdoor activities!

Here are some tips for outdoor events:

  • Find a good venue

Our most recent outdoor event was in The Mushrif Central Park in Abu Dhabi. Beautiful  park, good amenities and great staff. The location was perfect and big enough to host our 1000 invitees.

Try to visit your venue a few times. Check out the space during other events or on the same day you planned your event for. Consider logistics for your suppliers and parking lots for your guests.

  • Weather

Although the weather is much better than in summer, there are still a few risks for outdoor events. No, we don’t have that many rainy days, but the sand storms can really mess up your event. The best months to plan an outdoor event are November, December, March and April.

  • Permits

Get the right permits. Check with Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and Department of Economic Development (DED) for the required permits and documentations in Dubai.

  • Other equipment

For outdoor events you need a littttttle bit more extension cords and ducktape. And a generator would come in handy.

  • Keep it clean

Get more staff to do the cleaning DURING the event. Garbage bins simply don’t do all the work.  With the wind blowing and kids running around the venue it gets messier then indoor events. And you wantit to look like a garbage dump.

Think twice before arranging a popcorn stand for kids in a park. Kids love popcorn and we love to see them happy, but the cleaners that have to clean up the popcorn from the grass fields are not that amused.

  • Happy guests

If your guests vary in age and ethnicity consider having more options to offer them.  Sitoutdoor eventting on a relaxed beanbag is a comfy feeling for most of us, but people with physical problems might prefer proper chairs and tables. Make sure you have both on your event. Pay attention to the food.  A bbq with  steaks and beef burgers will end up in the garbage bin if majority of your guests are Hindu.  Chicken and vegetarian meals are safer options.

  • Lighting

Colourful lightning and lantern can change the ambience after getting dark but is also for guests’ safety. Don’t use real candles, battery operated candles are a better option.

  • Activities and entertainment

As an events management agency and workshop organiser this is the part we enjoy most. We provide traditional fun games and workshops/activities tailored to our client’s needs. Key points for games and activities: keep it fun, age brackets for every game, there must be a game for every age group, make sure you have plenty of reserve equipment (somehow everything gets lost or breaks during the event), test your own games/activities (time, safety, etc), prizes for the winners and have some fun active game coordinators.   

Yallah let’s go out!

outdoor game


And action

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it. “

My profile picture on Facebook says it all. Every time I look at the words I get this positive energy that tells me to work hard, go for it, dream bigger and work harder for it. But sometimes we feel our energy levels going down, and these reminders simply don’t get through to us. We get tired of the hard work that isn’t paying of immediately, the sacrifices that look meaningless and the actions that weren’t effective. When you feel you can’t reload new positive energy, it’s time for some action. Not large actions but small movements.

A few days ago it was full moon. I am one of those people that can’t fall asleep with a full moon ( and no, I’m not a werewolf). This month’s full moon was more intense than ever. So instead of whining about not falling asleep I decided to make it a positive experience. I took my car, my notebook and pen and drove to my favorite spot, kite beach Jumeirah, Dubai. In the trunk of my car I had a picnic mat from a previous family event that came in very handy. I was looking for a place to sit and heard the soothing sound of waves crashing on the beach. I immediately knew I had made the right choice to come to the beach instead of tossing and turning in bed.

Now I had my pen in my hand, notebook on my lap and the moon (en)lightening me. My initial plan was to write down all my new goals, personal aims and business perspectives. When I saw my first business goal on paper, I realized it was a goal I was repeating for myself lately and it was too general. I had to think of another approach to find out what my inner me wanted in business and in life. I wrote down all of the things that were giving me negative energy, everything that felt as a burden and all things about myself that I disliked. The list went on and on.  After this list was complete I had to move from my spot to get some positive vibes, new energy. I stood up took a bit of sand in my hands and threw it in the sea. It felt like all my negative thoughts washed away. Now that I knew what was holding me back, I could clearly see what I wanted. I opened a new page and started to write my actual goals and aims. First the small things like laugh more, being more active, more charity work and then the bigger goals. I was so caught up in the moment that before I realized I wrote a letter to myself. It was a small motivation letter but the few sentences made me feel good.

To wrap up the night I played in the sand using my feet and overlooking the sea. It took me back to the happy moments I had with family and friends on the beach. I looked down and saw how lonely my name was written in the sand. I was all by myself and couldn’t think of another name to write down. So I wrote a message to myself. After my name came the L then the I, V and E. It was a strong message to myself… LIVE. This was the moment I claimed my life back.

Love and peace,



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