At Majorelle we offer a wide and varied range of fun and highly enjoyable Arts and Craft workshops which are designed to suit all ages and creative abilities. Make the celebration of a special occasion fun different and memorable, by booking one of Majorelle’s creative workshops, or if you are just looking for something arty to do with your friends and family, look no further book a workshop. When you are immersed in a Majorelle workshop you will get creative and find that inner artist that has been waiting to get out, young or old you will always learn something new in a fun, friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Majorelle Workshops are not just for the private individual or small groups we also specialize in corporate team building events ideal for bring your team closer together and enhancing performance.

If doing arts and crafts is your regular hobby and you want to improve your skills and tWorkshopsechniques or try something new as an artist, participating in a workshop or on one of our many courses is a great place to start. When you join a Majorelle workshop or course you will meet kindred spirits who are as enthusiastic and passionate about creating unique pieces of individual art as you are.

Our workshops, will provide you with new and valuable skills, the tutors have devoted their time and a lot of effort perfecting their skills and techniques. When you enroll on a Majorelle workshop the skills and techniques that the tutors have learned will passed across to you, we know the more you learn about